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Nursing Newborn
Lactation Support

I love helping families have the right tools and support prenatally to successfully breastfeed their newborn. If you choose to nurse or pump, support is always essential in helping navigate the tricky journey to mastering how you choose to nourish your baby! I've gotten personal experience as a nursing mother of two, tandem nursing and pumping to establish a healthy supply. With the tools Ive learned along the way during my struggles, I am here to help you navigate your lactation journey! 

Doula Support

A Doula serves as a non medical support system for a birthing person during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Doulas are professionals that are trained in nonclinical, physical, emotional and informational support. Doulas main objectives are to ensure their clients concerns, needs, and wants are addressed an respected. Doula's are not midwives, they are not nurses but help birthing families become educated and empowered on informed decisions that best suit their families needs.

Some benefits to having a doula backed by studies have proven to help:

  1. Reduce the length of labor

  2. Reduce risk for cesearean delivery

  3. Decrease the need for pain management

  4. Reduce preterm births by 22%

Doula provide support by finding out the needs and desires of the birthing parent. By exploring pregnancy and birth desires, this will help educate the birthing person/family with well informed information on current birth information and trends. 

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