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Highly Recommend Dr. Andrea Flores! Went in for bad neck pain and tightness in my back from lifting. Two weeks later after twice a week adjustments, I am good as new. She provides a great treatment plan and makes me feel extremely comfortable while I'm there. One of the most caring chiropractors I ever met!! I know going to a chiropractor is intimidating but it really helped me out. Dr. Flores is amazing!

- Jasmine F. Via Google

Dr. Flores just saved me from years of neglected neck strain and back pain. Our first consultation was remarkably great as she was attentive and gave me great feedback on what I should remember to work on to help alleviate the pain. My neck had been restricted to fully turn left for years, but after several weekly visits, I've been able to fully turn my neck left again and my back feels less pressure, aches and pain. All the staff at the Tribeca location are attentive, professional and amazing, unlike other practices where you might feel rushed, this office definitely schedules and allot enough time so they can see each individual patient.

- Qi X. via Yelp

The visit was great. Dr. Flores is very professional and expresses what she is doing. She is happy to answer my questions and i feel comfortable with the whole process. I felt much better since i started my treatment.

- BL via Zocdoc

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Dr. Flores is a warm caring practitioner with a sense of humor. You come out feeling like you are visiting a friend instead of seeing a physician. Her knowledge and skills add to the feeling of well-being to complete the experience.

- AV via Zocdoc

The best. Dr. Flores is awesome. I have been seeing her for about a year for monthly check ups and adjustments. I always leave feeling 10x better than when I went in. She takes her time, focuses on the issue and then makes sure we have a plan in place to address and maintain feeling good. Highly recommend!

- Kristin M via Google

It was an absolute pleasure to be treated by Dr. Flores!! She treated me as more than just a patient, and instead like a friend. She truly cares about her patients inside and out and this shines through her work!

- Lexie H via Facebook

What would I do with out this woman?! I have been working with Dr. Flores for the past several months and can't figure out how I managed with out her. Aside from being a glowing ray of loving light every single time I see her, she knows my body and takes away all of my stress, aches, and pains. Within 6 weeks, Dr. Flores cured my year long stiff neck. I see Dr. Flores twice a week and am so grateful to have her in my life. She's not just a great chiropractor, she's a kind human.

- Chelsea S via Yelp

Dr. Flores is amazing! I walked in there in so much pain and left with no pain at all after only the initial visit. She is so sweet and caring and took the time to sit with me and get to know me and what my issues were, then treated me and made a plan for me to come back weekly until I’m totally cured. Honestly the best doctor experience I’ve ever had on an initial visit…can’t wait to go back.

-Kim V via Google

I have nothing but the best things to say about Dr. Flores. Great chiropractor always available when I need to get and appointment. Dr. Flores is funny and always makes you laugh when you come into the office will highly recommend for anyone who's back or neck has been given them issues. I have had several emergency situation where I had so much pain I can barely move after a quick adjustment from Dr. Flores I walked out of her office feeling great! She is professional, friendly and knows what to do to get me back on my feet. I recommend her to anyone!!

- Vivian R. via Facebook

Dr. Flores made me gain my neck mobility back!!! I am SO grateful for her help. I had a really bad pinch in my neck/upper back and after my second session with her, I can now play rugby and workout again.
Thank you Dr Flores!!!!!!
Endless thanks!!!

- Frederic C. via Yelp

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